Elevator Pitch

Christians have always been keepers and seekers of truth and wisdom. But the majority of your online activity is currently entrusted to secular companies. The data you share, the queries you make, and the information you absorb.

At Glorifind, we believe that Christians may be better served by trusting a search engine company that aligns with their faith.

About the Owner

Hi I'm JT Smith. I seek to serve the Lord. I am saved by the grace of God through Christ's sacrifice. I also believe that God abundantly gives wisdom to those who ask. I love to learn, seek, and respond to where the Spirit leads. You can often find me leading small groups and bible studies.

Right now my day job is search engine marketing and I go into work every day extremely blessed to lead a team that pursues excellence in what we do and takes the time to learn, "test everything", and absorb information. As a result I've learned more about search engines than most people. I've also worked on writing content, selling products online, and building websites since middle school (around 2008).

I knew God gave me the gifts I have for a purpose, and it all came together when I realized I can build a search engine that serves my fellow believers, Glorifind.

How it Works

Think of this search engine as a Christian librarian or mentor, guiding you through a vast library that contains the world's knowledge. Our search engine is whole-web meaning we collect all of the web's information, and that includes secular sources and sources from other religions.

But as the librarian, Glorifind is here to help guide you faithfully.

You'll see a "Christian Owned" label along with a golden border around results that are Christian in nature. We don't know all of the websites or their owners, but as time goes on our list of Christian sites will become more and more complete. If you are a Christian website owner, submit this quick form to let us know you'd like the label.

Ranking-wise, we have three main levels of discernment that we layer on top of the typical ranking algorithms used by the big tech search engines.

1. Safe search algorithms are always on. As a joke we call safe-search the "temptation toggle" or the "devil's dropdown". We do not include the option to turn off safe search.

2. Positive, Christian ranking modifications. Just like the Christian librarian, we'll try to find high-quality sources from Christians thinkers and scientists. We WILL give you the most relevant result even if no overtly Christian source is available.

3. Targeted website removals. There are some websites that either don't care about truth, or only care about leading people astray. If these websites slip through the first two filters, we ask that you submit them to us and we either reduce their rankings or remove them from our service altogether.

For Kids

As a father of two, I realized that my kids are going to have access to the internet at some point. Knowing what I do about the internet and about search engines, I wanted to build a service that drastically improves search for kids.

If you know any kids that have access to the internet, you might want to install or recommend ABCSearch.org on their devices. It has even more layers of safety than Glorifind and has algorithmic adjustments toward facts, learning, and games.

How to Support Glorifind

Glorifind makes money from advertisements. The best way to support Glorifind and help it grow financially and therefore functionally is to use it regularly.

Perhaps a bigger impact is to share Glorifind with your community of believers. Whether that's family, church, denominational leadership, or your business.